Firm Profile

Elder Law


 Legal problems that affect the elderly are growing in number – developments in assisted living, managed care, home care, insurance and financial products, as well as changes in the Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid programs challenge today’s seniors with decisions never faced by prior generations.  The cost of health care and nursing home care is staggering.  Fearing impoverishment, seniors and their families often try self-help methods to preserve their assets, not knowing that their actions may have unintended but profound legal consequences. 

Estate Planning


We will help design and prepare trusts, wills, durable powers of attorney, health care directives and other documents to help clients accomplish their estate planning goals while avoiding or minimizing probate court involvement and minimizing taxes.  Mr. Brunstrom’s experience and expertise ranges from basic family estate planning to sophisticated tax-driven planning.  Keith recognizes the importance of listening to each client’s needs and concerns, and he prides himself in his ability to create estate plans that focus on each client’s unique situation and goals, goals, ranging from “special needs” trusts for those who have a disability, to asset protection and business succession planning for farmers and small business owners.  Mr. Brunstrom has presented many educational programs on estate planning topics, and is an active participant in continuing legal education programs, all of which makes him better able to offer his clients the benefit of the latest and best planning techniques available. 

Business Planning


We often provide assistance with choosing, planning and creating the appropriate legal entity to meet our client’s business needs, whether for farmers, small businesses, or larger enterprises.  Mr. Brunstrom frequently provides advice to clients in planning issues involving business and commercial transactions as well as the formation of corporations and limited liability companies, including start-ups and early-stage company tax planning. 

Special Needs Trusts


We help design and prepare Special Needs Trusts for persons who have a disability and who have assets, or will be receiving assets from an inheritance or from settlement of a lawsuit.  Mr. Brunstrom frequently assists parents (and other family members) of a person who has a disability to design and implement a plan to leave an inheritance for the disabled beneficiary that can be used to enhance the person’s life without jeopardizing his or her ability to receive public assistance benefits, such as SSI and Medicaid.